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Fulvio Bodenza
Born in Enna (EN) - 29/11/1986
Resident in Enna (EN) 94100 - Via Piazza Villadoro 11 - Italy
Domiciliated in Sesto San Giovanni (MI) 20099 - Via Fiorani 93 - Italy

Language fluency:



2014 - Master degree in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano (103/110).
2009 - Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano.
2005 - High school leaving qualification in Scientific studies at “Liceo Scientifico P. Farinato” in Enna.

Language certifications:

Mother language: Italian
English TOEFL iBT certification - QCER: B2 level.
Accent English Language Course at Bradfield College, Reading – UK
“Diplome de Stage de Francais intensif” at Campus Sainte-Thérèse, Ozoir-la-Ferrière – France.

Other certification

2016 - Google / Eccellenze in digitale: Training course improving digital SEO and SEM skills.

2016 - Google / Google digital training - Fondamenti di Marketing Digitale: Training course improving digital SEO and SEM skills.

Other experiences:

Attendeding high school, during summers, I do different activities witch have amplified my experience: I worked in the food service sector like a cook, assistent to a pastry chef and waiter.
I was an animator, a lifeguard in swimming pool, a bellboy and leafleted.
I worked in a hardware store like an employee for several years (during summer holiday’s periods).
From 2006 collaborated with a commercial law’s office for telematic dispatch’s processes.
For 2010 FIVB World Man’s Volley Championship and 2012 CEV European Female Volley Championship I collaborated with organization in driver and warehouse worker roles.
In 2014 I collaboarated with “PLS Educational” like informatic technician in range of 4th National Congress of Telemedicine, organized by SIT in Milan.
In 2015 I collaborated with Codemotion's team like informatic hall assistent in range of "Milan's 2015 Codemotion" in Milan.

Professional features:

I own great problem-solving abilities and I like covering responsability assignments.
I am really accurate in my work and I always try to respect to me by preestablished terms and make happy my committents.
I am also really tollerant in about all situations: I can be calm and solve the problems just talking.
I always take my responsabilities in case of mistakes and I do not block on them, but I start again doing my best; but i cannot bear injustice and partiality in working environment.

Personal features:

I really like cooking and proving prepare new dishes;
I like sports and have played rugby for 6 year and follow volleyball and beachvolley in the role of referee from about 10 years.
I repute myself accurate (in the way not always in the look) and love the correct way.I love Philosophy and define myself an “epicurean” in original meaning of term; I love everything is beauty and right.
I love read different literary genres, from acient philosophy to poetry and narrative, and repute myself a man of learning.

For italian law:
Autorizzo il trattamento dei miei dati personali, ai sensi del D.lgs. 196 del 30 giugno 2003

Milano 01/16

Ersilia - Technical collaboration with Giulia Palaia

Short movie on Ersilia, the city imagined by Italo Calvino

Via Padova . Documentary and future scenario - Research for Politecnico di Milano’s lab

Two complete movie production for a documentary on via Padova’s life in Milan. The documentary was born from a investigation on this important area of city and its integration and identity problems. Scenario, instead, is a vision on the future showing hopes and aspect for this district. Both realized with Politecnico di Milano’s movie lab.

Shortcut Production . “TG Mario - 1^ season”

Audio synch technical and video cutter for first season of “TG Mario”, produced by Shortcut Production.

Il sipario strappato . Remake for Politecnico di Milano’s movie lab

A Politecnico’s Movie Lab exercitation: remake a film dialogue from Alfred Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain of 1966; with same framings and camera motions and same script.

Fior Fiore . Research for new identity of “Città studi” district according with Istituto nazionale dei tumori (INT)

A research for a communication by Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori (INT) for change the common idea of citizens about “Città Studi” district in Milan due to universities departments to “Medicine research” of INT and its dpartmens and linked services.

Smontare lo stereotipo - for a culture against gender stereotype . Research for Politecnico di Milano

Part of research on gender stereotypes; analyzing the specific stereotypes of “acqua & sapone” woman with her irreality. The reasearch highlights some aspects of this stereotype and makes some outputs that summarize details of this kind of woman.

Comunicare il Sociale . Investigation on persuasive structures in social communication and proposal of a new metaphoric system basen on “Sport”

Research on social communication; finding new metaphors for a new kind of social communication; not fear or guilt but passion and partecipation as new mechanism of this communication.

Italian Landscape

A project for prepare Lecco’s district to EXPO Milan 2015


Research on newspapers and media relevance about 2009's Berlusconi scandal

Human factor design. Caps and corkscrew

Research on Caps and corkscrew’s ergonomic details.


Ergonomic research on Pago’s bottle.

Clabel eventi


Norma Audio - Milano Hi-Fidelity 2016

This website!!

I Petri ca Addumunu

Html 4/Java website for music group band (2009)


Flash based website for communication agency (2008)

Some ADV. works


Thesis Cover

Cover for architectural thesis and project pubblication at Politecnico di Milano.

Magazine’s remake

Famous magazine’s covers remake.


Research, programming and design for a new variabile font. It’s designed for newspaper use; his code provide variables depending on levels of arguments of news(like how many “sport” or “crime” in the news).These variabiles create a different type of font to be recognized by readers. It’s programmed in Python.

My photography blog

MAYA LAB - Fridge

3D Model for Maya lab of Politecnico d Milano (2006)

5 Days in Bovisa

Architecture 3D render (Autocad) and photomontage in landscape; project realized for an architecture thesis of Politecnico di Milano


Curriculum Vitae & Portfolio - 2016 ◊ Fulvio Bodenza ◊ - Tutti i diritti riservati -